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Media/Interviews with Kim Wilson, Founder
Television Interviews

Radio Interviews
Tom Joyner Morning Show with Jacque Reid
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Atlanta 104.1 FM with Twanda Black
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The Harvest Show (Family Entertainment Television Network/LeSea Broadcasting)
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Atlanta Live Talk Show (WATC, Channel 57, Atlanta, Georgia
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The Citizen Newspaper, Fayetteville, Georgia
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Tuscaloosa News, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
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Interview Request with Kim Wilson

If you would like to request and interview with Kim Wilson, please contact her by phone or text at 678-491-8583 or email at kimwilson125@att.net
Kim Wilson has been a guest on many national, international and local radio and television shows, such as The Harvest Show (Family Entertainment TV); Atlanta Live; Tom Joyner Morning Show; Jacque Reid Show; American Family Association or AFA - Urban Talk Radio; 104.1 FM-Atlanta; and has had many articles written about her organization and contributions throughout the United States and globally. 
About Loretta Johnson (1943 - 1991)
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