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An Introduction to Kim Wilson, Founder
Kim Wilson, Founder of God's Active People/G.A.P Ministries, Church & Outreach Marketing Consultant; Professor; Researcher; Author; Speaker; and Trainer, has been committed to utilizing her outreach marketing skills and experience for 30 years and has helped Christian leaders, churches, ministries, non-profit and for-profit organizations (of all sizes) to reach hundreds of millions of people for Jesus Christ throughout the United States and globally.

She has successfully spearheaded marketing, outreach and fundraising projects for organizations, such as promotion of Mel Gibson's major movie, "The Passion of the Christ" (which made over $600 million dollars worldwide) and Barna Research Group. And Kim has worked for Coca-Cola U.S.A and Xerox Corporations in the area of marketing.

Under Kim's leadership, God's Active People/G.A.P Ministries and Marketing has grown into (7) major divisions for the benefit of others in the United States and on 6 continents (Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia) and over 40 countries around the world in honor of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Kim has served as an Adjunct Professor for Regent University and Liberty University (two major Christian Universities in the U.S and globally) and author of several outreach ministry and marketing books and training guides including, "The Church Marketing Recipe Book: for New and Small Churches with Limited Budgets" and entitled “The Marketing Recipe Book: for New and Small Businesses with a Limited Budget and Purpose for Jesus Christ”; and her latest outreach ministry book, "The ABSTINENCE Handbook: For Women and Girls throughout the World" (available in English, Spanish, French and Kiswahili languages). 

Kim is very committed to providing need-based outreach initiatives, such as G.A.P Global Network, The Loretta Johnson Global Abstinence Movement, as well as events that focus on jobs, education, and housing to help people experience God's best for their lives throughout the United States and globally. 

She has been a guest on many national, international and local television and radio shows, and has had many articles written about her organization and contributions throughout the United States and globally. 

Kim earned her B.S in Marketing from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and M.B.A in Marketing from Clark-Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia. She lives with her husband in Peachtree City, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta) and has one son.